Tracey Dowe is a qualified pharmacist with over 25 years in the business, Life coach, Master Strategist and Trainer with a mission to “Inspire others to find the best in themselves and to give the best of themselves”. Tracey has worked with many large social care organisations to deliver medication training, advise on policies and procedures and give lectures on the specialised and highly important area of medicines management in care. Tracey is passionate about people, health and pharmacy and combines them her business life to ensure that workers in social care get the best training in medicines management that there is out there delivered by an expert. It gives the care agencies peace of mind that their teams are knowledgeable and that they understand the importance of keeping good records. It allows the people receiving the care to be better supported and safely looked after.

Tracey runs a variety of medicines management and other courses through her company Momentum People Ltd.  Courses include:-

An Introduction to Medicines Management for Domiciliary Care                          

An Introduction to Medicines Management for Home Care

Foundation Course in Medicines Management for Domiciliary Care 

Foundation Course in Medicines Management for Home Care

Accredited courses in medicines management for home care and domiciliary care workers

Medication Needs Assessment Training

Communication Skills Training

Presentation Skills Training

Leadership Training

You can find out more by visiting www.momentumpeople.co.uk

Email training@momentumpeople.co.uk

or call 01793 700929




2 Responses to “About”

  1. bibomedia.com Says:


  2. Paul Barnes Says:

    HI Tracy –

    I am upgrading our site http://www.pharmacynow.com so, please, don’t think what you are seeing is the new “us!”

    However, I love your articles … and I would like to use them for product we have called localpharmacysites.com. It is aimed at helping community pharmacies attract new customers, and one part of the product is editorial that helps people more skillfully use their pharmacists and pharmacies.

    I of course will attribute everything to you, and help you in any way I can to promote your business, and yourself. Please let me know … and feel free to call me at 01.262.306.2923 (home) if you have questions, etc. Thanks!

    Be well,

    Paul Barnes
    United States
    State of Wisconsin

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