Essential Standards Outcome 9 pt 2

Manage risk through effective procedures about medicines handling

9B Where people who use services receive care, treatment and support that
involves medicines, the provider has:

●● Clear procedures followed in practice, monitored and reviewed for
medicines handling that include obtaining, safe storage, prescribing,
dispensing, preparation, administration, monitoring and disposal. Wherever
they are required these procedures include:
— how medicines which are prescribed ‘as required’ (PRN) are handled
and used
— ensuring that staff handling medicines have the competency and skills
— the arrangements for giving medicines covertly where this is needed in
accordance with the Mental Capacity Act 2005
— the arrangements for requesting a second opinion in relation to
medicines for people detained under the Mental Health Act 1983
— the arrangements for recording when it is not possible for a person to be
able to self-administer their medicines
— the recording of when medicines are given to the person
— the arrangements for reporting adverse events, adverse drug reactions,
incidents, errors and near misses. These should encourage local and,
where applicable, national reporting, learning and promoting an open
and fair culture of safety
— the arrangements to implement and act upon the recommendations of
all relevant medicine-related patient safety communications issued via
alert systems within the required timescales
— an up-to-date list of medicines taken by the person being produced
when they begin to use the service
— the management of discharge medicine to allow for continuity of care
until a new arrangement is made
— the arrangements for medicines management following death.
●● Clear procedures, that are followed in practice, monitored and reviewed, for
controlled drugs, unless they are taken by the person themselves in their
own home, including:
— investigations about adverse events, incidents, errors and near misses
— sharing concerns about mishandling.
●● Systems in place to reflect on the findings of their service reviews and as it
does so, learns from adverse events, incidents, errors and near misses
relating to medicines that have occurred within the service and elsewhere,
so that the risk of them being repeated is reduced to a minimum.
●● Systems in place to ensure they comply with the requirements of the
Medicines Act 1968 and the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971, and their
associated regulations, the Safer Management of Controlled Drugs
Regulations 2006, relevant health technical memoranda and professional
guidance from the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain and other
relevant professional bodies and agencies.


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